fredag 23 juli 2010

Vintage retro

Vintage, retro or whatever you like to call it all of it gives me
inspiration. Those vases, the dress on the wall, the letters or to collect globes like that. Thats personal interior for me, and I think that personal is important to feel home.
Tanx so much for leaving som words, it makes me happy!

5 kommentarer:


Love that first room and that couch! How spectacular!

Have a fabulous weekend :)

Indie.Tea sa...

Those are so pretty...what a delightful house.

Femtio vita kvadrat... sa...

Så jäkla snyggt! Skulle kunna dö för den där soffan om jag bara hade plats! Älskar femtiotals stilen också från inlägget innan.

Ha det! Kram Patricia

Jema♥Kitsch sa...

Gillar speciellt de bilderna med teakmöbler, riktigt snyggt!!!

: )

KRAM, Jenny

Elka sa...

Vilken fin blogg!